Drive safe and legal with iBOLT's stylish & vibration free products - Compatible with most cases!

ProDock Alumina - Universal Vehicle Dock for all Smartphones

Product #: ibu-33404


Drive Safe and Legal with the iBOLT ProDock kit by keeping your phone in a secure and easy-to-view position. When placed in the windshield area, signal is optimized for GPS and Cellular signals. Use with your preferred Bluetooth hands-free solution or as a speaker-phone for a complete hands-free experience.

The stylish ProDock holder is designed to work with all Apple, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry Smartphone models. The adjustable aluminum latch secures the phone even when using a case, including the thicker Otterbox or Ballistic models. To insert phone, simply place the phone on the support feet and press the latch downward. To remove, press the release button on the side. Vertical positioning is possible by using the single support leg on the side of the dock.

The ROK Solid mount has a strong 70 mm suction cup and is designed for a vibration free driving experience. Attach the ROK Solid mount to windshield or use the included disc to attach to top of dashboard. An easy to use Air Vent Mount is also included. A ball-joint connector system allows the driver to adjust to almost any viewing angle.

Downloadable Material
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Sales Sheet (PDF)
  • Keeps your device in a secure and easy to view position
  • Stylish design with quality material - looks great in any car
  • Works with all Smartphone models - with or without cases
  • Zero install - windshield, dash and vent mount included
  • Camera view open while driving on most phones

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